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  • A Life coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Multi-Millionaire, and highly sought after international expert in home business  consulting and training based in USA.
  • He survived against all odds.  Started his own home-based business at age 21, while living with his parents.
  • At age 29, became a major catalyst behind the global expansion of a beverage marketing company, by leading a personal organization of 120,000 people (from different countries) and  reached the top 5 income earners category in the company.
  • His team generated over $80 million dollars in revenue. He became one of only 9 people in the company’s history to earn over $5 million dollars in income.
  • David believes his life purpose is to positively IMPACT the lives of over 1 Billion people around the world.
  • This dream is his passion as he visits Nigeria to demystify the secrets of becoming financially free even in a depressed economy.
  • He will explain in detail, how he creates 6-FIGURE INCOME MONTHLY and how YOU  can duplicate his phenomenal success in Nigeria, using available technology with iMarkets Live.


  • Acquire lifetime skillsets to pull money daily from the $5.3 trillion global financial market only using your mobile phone.
  • Get the blueprint of  how to build your own organisation that can start generating residual income of $600  monthly and up to $250,000 over time  for you with only a small start-up capital.
  • ‘Earn while you Learn’ how to use professional toolsets that big financial institutions use to make money from the comfort of your home.
  • Discover tested  golden principles and millionaire mindset to  build, manage and grow your own  successful business organisation
  • Network and connect with high net-worth successful business persons and boost your lifestyle to the next level.



    Account Number:  2022230913 

    Bank:                          First Bank of Nigeria –

    REGULAR: N2,000      VIP: N10,000

    **After payment at the bank send a copy of your teller to


    Some 7 months ago, I was like a ‘nobody’ with no special reason why anyone should care enough to know my name or even meet me in person. The game changer came when I was introduced to IML and was taught the best way to trade and make money off the largest financial market in the world. With the skillset, toolset and mindset I was empowered with at the IML Academy, I now pull off average of $1000 on a daily basis. This knowledge is not taught in school. Now a lot of people want to meet me so I can show them how to duplicate my success as the ‘LEGENDERY HUSTLER’ because my ‘Hustling’ and success  is simply ‘Legendary’!. You too can make it happen. – Eniola O. (aka. Legendary Hustler)

    ” I joined IML in June 2017 to participate in the trading part of the business which has been very fantastic. I made 80%  profit increase on my portfolio the first month using the IML Harmonic scanner. I had the same experience in July and shared with friends about my financial turnaround. This made me start the networking aspect of the business in 2nd week of July that qualified me for $600 monthly. I began to financially  empower those close to me using the IML system. Each week I generate roughly $500 for my family using the skills I have learnt from the comfort of my home and using  my mobile phone. The experience is simply WOW! I dont think anyone should be left out of this..”.  – Susan Duru.

    “I am Ogunmusi A., a young graduate that just finished NYSC few months ago. I studied Computer Engineering but no job yet!. I was introduced to iMarketsLive and it changed me from a broke guy to a business Owner. In a short time I got the skillset that helped me set up a system that makes me money even while I sleep. I am beginning to have a taste of financial freedom. IML rocks!”


    “Im really glad I decided to join IML and indeed my life has not been the same. I live in Nigeria but I now earn weekly in dollars ($USD) while I am still learning the business. Thank God for IML. – Alhaja Olufunke A.

    “February 2017 was a defining moment in my life …I joined IML.  I have 25 years of professional training experience in the banking industry. Bust like never before, I have such increase in focus, the belief in myself, and confidence that I can have whatever I desire.  The IML Academy totally and radically changed my entire perspective about forex trading. Now I have both the confidence and ability to make up to $200 daily in the forex market using information I get from the IML Harmonic Scanner. I know with time I will be able to join the ranks of those who make $1000 daily. IML has brought great positive changes to my lifestyle” – Kunle Majekodunmi.

    “I am an exchanger by profession. I came to IML on 20th June, 2017 after attending a seminar. I chose to join and stay because those who were making it big have not been there for long!.  I saw the harmonic scanner, Swipe trades, and how they work. Today, I have moved up the earning charts thrice and currently earning $1000 per month (Platinum 1000) and still make good profit trading. I knew nothing about forex trading until I joined IML and started using the professional tools they provide. I’m so happy I can see by God’s grace, goals becoming a reality.  – Brandon Eke.


    “I am Olusola Popoola, a Chartered accountant, Global financial coach, and Team builder. I provide team leadership and personalized mentorship as a key partner with David Imonitie  in Nigeria. I am your host in this epoch-making iMarkets Live Red Carpet Event.

    Call or Whatsapp me on 08033069206. Please make sure you reserve your seat for this event before it fills up! I look forward to welcoming you at this event.”

    January 26th & 27th 2018 (Fri. & Sat.), 9 a.m.

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