Recharge and get paid review – My review about RAGP

It is a good and advisable to investigate and read other people’s review, comments, perspective about observation on a subject before joining any platform.

In this review, I am going to take you through views, perspectives, merits, suggestions on  recharge and get paid shared by RAGP user over the year (myself inclusive).

I observed that some people advised other people about business opportunities based on the presentation and not based on experience or well informed position. Until you use the platform, you will not know more about it and so you can’t leave an honest review.

But here are reviews from registered members who are already using the platform for some time now.

It is common among Nigerians that we want to join or associate with New or unsaturated business or program like this comes out, most people believed that the program or business is a scam based on past experience and similar occurrence to friends or themselves.
I have seen some genuine questions about recharge and get paid inquiring to know if it is a scam or not.

Well, to be honest with you, if you have not joined recharge and get paid up until now, then you like procrastinating too much or you don’t understand
I have been on the platform for some time now without any problem whatsoever.

Ever since I joined the program, all the promised bonuses have been credited to my account accordingly.
I have carried out quite a good number of transactions on recharge and get paid platform, with no single hitch.

The more reason I’m writing this recharge and get paid review is because of a post I read on one Nigerian forum captioning that recharge and get paid is a big scam.

Well, I want to believe that he logged in to the right recharge and get paid login page and not to the scammers’ website.
Why he tagged recharge and get paid as scammers was that he registered on the platform and got his promised registration bonus of ₦1,000 and decided to dash out  ₦100 each to his 10 friends and 8 out of 10 recharge cards got delivered to their respective destinations.

In the post, he was supported by some of the forum members who are even yet to register on recharge and get paid.
How on earth will you have an honest review of a product or service you’ve never used before?

A lot of others who used the services of recharge and get paid countered the motion saying that the post is erroneous requesting that the post be removed and that recharge and get paid is great!

There were so many comments in the post that countered the motion that recharge and get paid is a scam.

My honest review about recharge and get paid
Let me not tell you about what others are saying about recharge and get paid, but let me talk to you from my personal experience.
I have been actively transacting on the platform for months now before writing this review about it.

I’m not paid to write this, neither is this post is a sponsored post.
So nothing can influence this honest review about recharge and get paid program.

My honest review of the program is that there is no better platform to transact recharge card and data business than recharge and get paid.
Which other platform pays you for recharging your line? If you don’t know how recharge and get paid program works, then read up how RAGP works here.

Forget the negative reviews that you are reading on the internet that RAGP is a scam, they may be paid blackmailers.
Who knows?

I just shard with you my personal experience with recharge and get paid.
All promised bonuses credited
Airtime or data value credited to the beneficiary immediately
With recharge and get paid there is no delay for the value of your recharge card or data to be credited.

Register on recharge and get paid and use this default user ID (wealthng) and you will be glad you did.

Should in case you have any further question about recharge and get paid that has not been addressed in this post, please leave it in the comment and I will be glad to answer it.

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